Whitetail doe studySubtle Pride Whitetail Bust
Specifications updatingMoose bookend wax study 
Right sideviewMule Deer skull & antler (study-1 front view) Moose bookend wax study
Front viewMule Deer skull & antler (study-2 rear/ side view)Wild Turkey/ Huff Puff & Strut (In progress)
Size 12 1/2"T X 10"W X 10 1/2"D
Ed. 24Whitetail Bust (In progress) 
Size 16 1/2"T X 5 3/4"W X 7 1/2"D 
Ed. 24Whitetails (Expression study)
Size N/A
Edition N/AMoose Bust/ Tundra King (In clay)
Size 14"T X 7 1/2"W X 11 1/4"D
Edition 24Whitetail Study (Facial features)
Size N/A
Edition N/AWhitetail Bust (In progess/ rear view)
Size 16 1/2"T X 7 1/2"W X 5 3/4"D
Edition 24Elk Releif (Clay study)
Size 12 1/2" diameter
Edition N/A
Sheep Bust/ On The Rocks  (detail view/ left side)
Size 8"T X 4"W X 6 1/2"D
Edition 24
Moose Bust/ Tundra King (right view)
Size 14"T X 7 1/2"W X 11 1/4" D
Edition 24Sheep Bust/ On The Rocks (In clay)
Size 8"T X 3"W X 5 1/4"D
Edition 24Elk Relief (Clay Study)
Size 12 1/2" Diameter
Edition N/AEarly Moose Study/ Alaskan King
Ed. 24
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