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Master conductor Robert Franz demonstrates hand positionsPatina applicationValley Bronze production team work through the assembley processRobert Franz models the hand position used in the final bronze designMusical study with violinBoise Philharmonic team members Margaret Janzen and Mike Winter participate
in the bronze and mold making process Ron positions the baton hand prior to placing in the mold solutionBronze ready for patina processDean Estes cutting precision ring samplesRobert Franz discuss hand movements during the mold processSamples for ring armatureHands during the patina processArtist and great friend Dean Estes assits in the mold making processBronze front quarter viewBoise Philharmonic string section during rehersalHand molds used for pre-clay study and referenceEster Simplot Performing Arts AcademyValley Bronze production team connects components to the ringRobert Franz models left hand position during a Philharmonic rehersalSculpting the left hand from the inside outLeft hand back view in progress Final step and position of the left hand in clayRing and base study in wood rear viewValley Bronze project manager
Gary Gasett and Ron discuss cast assemblyBaton hand in clay - notice the distressed and sandstone like textureMold study while sculpting the baton handEster Simplot Preforming Arts Academy sign and logoBronze before unvailingBoise Philharmonic staff including President John Stedman, Linda Stedman, 
Bill Bruke, Mike Winter and Robert Franz attend bronze unvailingBaton hand lower front viewEster Simplot Performing Arts Academy main buildingBronze left side viewBronze baton hand - close side view"For The Love Of Music" bronze rear side viewEster Simplot Performing Arts AcademyBronze front viewPhilharmonic string section during rehersalBronze right corner viewBronze front close view
50th Anniversary Bronze
"For The Love of Music"